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Health and Beauty Benefits of Hot Tub

Beauty is the physical manifestation of health. Clear skin, good eyes, defined features, a fit body, and more show the world that you’re living your best self and that you’re capable of doing practically anything. Ultimately, a well-maintained exterior leads to better relationships with other people, as they’re more attracted to spending time with you. In contrast, an unfavorable appearance is almost akin to living out unhealthily. If you’re in bad shape, you’re most likely at risk of contracting obesity. If you’re not sleeping right and it shows, it may be because your mind is full of stress and anxiety.

Fortunately, a nice hot bath can keep you looking healthy and beautiful for all the world to see. This is made even easier when you have a hot tub enclosure. You can soak in hot water as often and as long as you want. And a good soak or two can work wonders on your exterior appearance! Your skin, for example, is made clearer and juicier when you’re soaking in warm water. The detoxification will help clear away any dead skin you’ll have. As for the dirt that your face will come in contact with throughout the day, a good hot water soak can clean them off in a jiffy.

Beauty also conveys a state of being relaxed and at peace. When you’re stressed, you’re more likely to form wrinkles and lines, which aren’t necessarily physical characteristics of beauty. At the same time, too little sleep leads to dark circles around your eyes, which are similarly unpleasant physical attributes to have. Luckily, all these and more can be eradicated when you soak in hot water for a substantial amount of time. When you spend an hour or so submerged in your jacuzzi, you’re relieving yourself off of stress and improving your sleeping habits at the same time.

If you want to look and stay beautiful, a hot tub enclosure will work wonders. This home feature is also quite easy to incorporate and install in your own backyard. Don’t think of it as an unnecessary luxury, but rather a great home spa that can help you stay beautiful and healthy. Although the concept of such isn’t all that common yet, you’ll soon realize that it should be as it holds a lot of benefits for people. Whether physical or mental, sometimes maybe even spiritual, a hot tub enclosure is now a must-have for any home.

hot tub

Effects of Using Epilator on Face: – True Information for Better Results

Effects of using epilator on face:- Epilator is so compact and handy device that works to remove lots of unwanted hairs from the body parts. There is no doubt that epilator is quite better option than the shave or wax. Biggest reason behind this fact is that epilator doesn’t given pain to the body.

It doesn’t give pain to skin in comparison of shaving or waxing. There are many epilator on face available in the market that claims that they can actually remove every hair easily and it is possible to happen.

Well, we are listing here about some amazing facts and reality about the epilator. Stay tuned!

How Epilator Works, and Effects of Using Epilator on Face

An epilator is an electronic compact device that contains many tweezers and tweezers works to pull the every hair from the roots and makes skin clear from the unwanted hair.

epilator on face

So Epilator Is Safe?

Yes, it is! There are most of people are still using epilator on face and that do not trapped in any harmful impacts. In simple words, it doesn’t give any harm to the skin but it is also depends on the sensitivity of the skin. The only bad point of the epilator is this that it may nip on skin that give a small cut like shave which is not acceptable for most of the people.

Epilator Is Bad for Skin?

Absolutely no! It doesn’t give any harm to the skin but if you have sensitive skin then it may not suitable for you. Apart from this, it is a best option to remove unwanted hair.

Some Disadvantages of Epilator

These are some disadvantages that you may get after using of any epilator: –

  • Redness on the skin.
  • Swelling.
  • Red spots on the skin.
  • Can be painful for some time.
  • Small red bumps on skin.
  • Bruising.
  • Small bleeding.
  • White heads or spots.

epilator on face

These are become so most common disadvantages of epilator on face  so you have to be prepare for all these things. Or you can take those epilator which brand is good and reputed because it can reduce chances of happening of these problems.


You have read our best option regarding the epilator on face  so the final choice depends on your requirement and needs. We just want to clear that if you have normal skin type then there is no need to afraid for bad impacts of epilator but if you have delicate and sensitive skin then you have to be prepared for all those circumstances that was given at the upper paragraph. In short, we want to say that epilator is good for skin; you can use it without any worry of harmful impacts.

How to Use Philips Epilator: – a Perfect Guide Regarding Epilator

Philips epilator:- If you are a girl then there is no doubt that beauty is a very important topic because beauty leads to attract other people and more beauty leads more attractions of people.

But if we talk about hair then we can say that hair only suit on the head, not other part of the body. Yes, we are talking about unwanted hair which usually grows on the hand, legs, underarms, face and other parts of the body.

All these hairs will leads to decrease our beauty and give ugly and annoying appearance of body. Although! There are many source available in the market that works to remove hair like wax, shave and else but the main truth is this that these source proven very painful and expensive source.

But epilator is a less pain and affordable source to get relief from unwanted hair of body. There are many verities available in the market that works to give beautiful looks of body.

Philips epilator

Today, we are going to talk about how to use philips epilator. In starting, we want to clear that every epilator has same usage format. So, there is no difference between the usage of Philips epilator and other brand’s epilator.

Process of Usage of an Philips Epilator

We are now going to tell you about full review regarding usage of an epilator. Here we go: –

  • Get a Branded Epilator

First of all, you need to buy a branded epilator that claims to give best performance. Philips is also a good company of epilator so you can choose that but if you want other options than feel free to buy other company’s epilators.

  • Charge the Epilator

Give a full charge to the philips epilator. Mostly epilators charged within only one hour so you have to charge it full then be ready for 40 minutes non-stop action.

  • Get a Shower

Make sure that your skin is free from oil, lotion or moisturizer. Get a warm water shower and gently cleans all body parts.

  • Now Use Epilator

After cleaning of skin, you can use epilator and we aware you that if you are a first time user than this epilating process may give some little pain to the body. in short, be ready for the pain if you are a first time user.

  • Clean Whole Skin with Water

Philips epilator

After epilating, you can clean whole skin with water. You can take a bath with warm water and cleans whole skin.

  • Apply Moisturizer on Body

If you are suffering with break or itchy skin then you can use moisturizer of Aloe Vera. This will support to keeps skin soothe and supple.


In this article, we have given a brief process regarding the best using format of an philips epilator. You just need to follow all these steps and enjoy a hair-free body. No doubt that epilator is a finest solution to enjoy freedom from unwanted hair. This process is also applicable at the Philips epilator, so while using Philips epilator you can follow all these steps.

Does Using Epilator Darken the Skin: – Full Review of an Epilator

Epilator darken the skin:- Epilator is just an electronic device that is use for removing of unwanted hair from the skin. It is a small, handy machine that can remove hair from the roots of the skin with the help of spinning small tweezers.

It is similar than the wax but the main difference between waxing and epilation is it doesn’t create pain while removing of hair. It supports to easily remove of every hair by simple activity.

There is no relationship between the epilator darken the skin because we never seen any results that shows that epilator causes darkness on the skin. It is only a small hardy machine that works to remove unwanted hair.

We are going to share some pros and cons of the epilating process. So, be here and get essential information.

Epilator darken the skin

Benefits of Epilator Darken the Skin

These are most common benefits of the epilator: –

  • Longer Lasting Smooth Skin

This is a main pros of the epilator is it doesn’t allow to re grow hair for at least 2 weeks. Once you remove hair by epilator then you will get freedom from unwanted hair for two weeks.

  • Less Painful Process

Like wax and laser treatments, epilating doesn’t give pain to the body. it works to smoothly remove of the thinnest hair of the body and give better results without pain. It may be painful at the most sensitive skin but still it is a better choice than wax.

  • Remove Smallest Hair

According to the companies report, we can say that through the epilator darken the skin anyone can remove their smallest hair whether that has length of 0.5 mm.

  • Useful While Having Shower

Those epilators who have cordless feature allow there user to remove their hair while having shower. It usually has warranty and safety guide that ensure for better results.

  • Easy to Use

No doubt that epilator darken the skin are very easy to use because it is small in their size so it becomes handy so you can use it at anywhere and anytime.

  • Cost Effective

In comparison of wax, laser treatment and other source with an epilator then we can see that there are huge difference between the costs. Once you buy an epilator than it become longer lasting for at least 2 years. So, it is clear that this is very cost effective solution.

Disadvantage of an Epilator

These are following cons of an epilator. These situations may occur most of the time: –

Epilator darken the skin

  • Redness at the skin surface.
  • Swelling.
  • May be painful at sensitive skin.
  • Bruising.
  • Small red bumps on skin.
  • White Heads.
  • Small bleeding.


Here we have a whole review regarding an epilator darken the skin, whether it has advantages then it also has some disadvantages so final choice depends on you that bringing of an epilator. It is also clears that there is no chance for getting skin darken through the epilator. It is quite different from these facts. I hope that you will like this information.

Braun Face Epilator: – Best Quality Face Epilator

Braun face epilator:- We all know about the epilator and their importance. Epilator is an easiest way to get a attractive body looks by removing of unwanted hairs from the body. This is a small device that becomes so useful to get relief from the unwanted hair for several weeks.

Epilator is quite similar than the shaver but the main difference between these two things is this that while we shave our skin then we use blades which become so painful most of the time but braun face epilator is so easy and convenient solution that doesn’t gives pain to the body.

First one epilator was invented at the time of 80s in the Israel and from that time to this time there are many kinds of epilators have invented that is so smart and very responsive device.

Braun face epilator

If we talk about the best one then we can see that Braun Face epilator is quite amaze and advanced that gives perfect results to its user. We are going to tell you about Braun face epilator that gives perfect support to its user.

Braun Face Epilator Ideas

These are the best quality Braun face epilator that become so useful while using at face: –

  1. Braun Face 851

This is a top model face epilator from the company braun face epilator. Although! All epilator of Braun is eye-catching and very useful that gives best supports to it user. This is also a best one face epilator that works at very impressive manner.

You Will Get These Following Things with This Face Epilator: –

  • Braun face 851 epilator itself
  • Facial cleaning head
  • Bronze protective caps
  • Some sensitive brush head
  • A cleaning brush
  • One white travel pouch
  • AA Battery
  1. Braun Face 830

This Braun face 830 epilator is a lower model in comparison of braun face epilator 851 and it is slightly cheaper than the Braun face 851. This device comes with the slighted small mirror in place of different bristled brush heads.

This is also a faster and responsive device that claims to clean whole face by many harmful or bad contents. It is very handy and quite easy to access.

These Things Will Come with This Braun Face 830 Epilator: –

  • Braun face 830 epilator itself
  • A facial cleaning head
  • One light vanity mirror
  • Purple travel pouch
  • Silver epilator protective cap
  • One cleaning brush
  • AA Battery
  1. Broun Face 831

Braun face epilator

This is quite same device like Braun face 830 but it has some cosmetic difference. But this device is still looks really beautiful and effective too. Another change in this device is now it has protective epilator cap is now rose gold in the color and beauty pouch has become upgraded to white style that is same like Braun face 851.

You Will Get All These Things When Having This Braun Face 831: –

  • Braun Face 831 itself
  • Rose gold protective epilator cap
  • White beauty pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • AA Battery


These entire braun face epilator is very good in size and their characteristics as you can see at the upper format. Best part of these epilators is this that it was produced in a reputed and high class company which is Braun that ensures for better results only.

We have listed here about top 3 braun face epilator that is very responsive and very useful device. It doesn’t give any harm to the skin. It is always best for everyone and no doubt that it become proven quite value for money device. Just get it if you want to have an imported, high quality and effective solution for face.

Can Philips Epilator Be Used on Face: – a Legit Review About Philips Epilators

Can philips epilator be used on face:- As we know that epilator is a best and effective solution easily removal for unwanted hair from the body parts. This is like a compact, electric device that enhances the appearance of body with the shorter period of time.

This is also a safe option in comparison of shave and the wax and can philips epilator be used on face works for the longer period of time and deliver efficient outcomes at most of the time. Most of the people prefer this method for removing of hair.

If we take a general survey regarding the preference of the epilators than we found that there is a balanced review available in the online platform. Where most of the people like the performance of epilators, some of people do not like it at all.

Main problem regarding the epilator we usually see that most of the people say that it gives little pinch to the skin and some time it give little red spots. So, now we are going to tell you legit information regarding the epilators.

Can Philips Epilator Be Used on Face

Can philips epilator be used on face

We don’t accept that only Philips Company’s epilators give harm to the skin because it may be possible by anyone of the epilator and the main reason behind this fact is sensitive skin. Most of the time sensitive is become harmed by using of epilator. So, we think that Philips is a very highly recommended brand and its can philips epilator be used on face are quite useful and responsive at most of time.

We are going to recommend about top 5 Philips epilators which is quite good for facial use and give better results. These are given below: –

  • Philips HP6522/01 Epilator

This is a wonderful epilator that ensure for better performance at whole part of the body. Although! This epilator is little bit high in their price range but no doubt that this epilator will amazingly pull every smallest hair from the roots and gives clearer skin for several weeks. With this epilator you will get a sensitive area cup that makes easier to remove hair from bikini area and face too. This epilator has smooth and gentle tweezing disks that easily pull hair from the roots. Try this because it will never give harm to the face.

  • Philips BRE630/00 Epilator

This is a better choice for removing of unwanted hair of body. This epilator claims that it can easily remove even those hairs with have 0.5 mm length. It means that it can remove each and every hair from the body and give clearer and better looks than before. Best thing of this epilator is that you can use it on the face too. This epilator comes with unique technologies which ensure for better results only. So, remove every by this can philips epilator be used on face.

  • Philips HP6306/00 Epilator

Can philips epilator be used on face

This is an affordable and adoptable option as an epilator which become proven really good for removing of almost every unwanted hair from body without any pain. This epilator is also good for use on the face means that it can also remove hair from the face without any pain. It was built with the latest technology which ensures awesome results. In short, you will get smooth and soft skin by using of this epilator.

  • Philips BRE200/00 Epilator

This is also a good epilator from the company Philips because it comes with an affordable price tag and this is so useful even at the face. This can philips epilator be used on face works to remove every hair from the skin from its root and give relief from hair. This epilator comes along with sensitive are cup and it is very handy in nature. So, you can easily remove most of the hair from the face and get better looks.


This article ensures that Philips epilator can be use at the face easily. These epilators are made advanced technologies and comes with the sensitive cup which never gives harm to the face and allow getting freedom from unwanted hair. Get this and see changes!

Braun Face Epilator 830: – No. 1 Face Epilator

Braun face epilator 830:- At this time, there are many things are available in the environment that gives huge bad impacts on the face that give results to ruin the cuteness of the face. This is all because of reduction in the essential elements from the skin.

If we talk about the ladies, then we can see that beauty is quite necessary topic for all of them. For this, ladies do many things and apply many cosmetic products and other things but still they do not get impressive results braun face epilator 830.

Like other bad facial obstructions, unwanted hair is also a thing that is not preferred by anyone because these hairs work to reduce the attraction of body.

Wax, laser therapy and other options available in the market but they do not get desired results. It may give attractive results some time but they are actually so painful and have only temporary results.

That’s why; we have introduced an easy and smart solution for making the face attractive by removing of unwanted hair from the skin. Yes, we have invented a face epilator which is quite good in there characteristics and features and comes with a reputed company that makes it so special.

Braun Face Epilator 830 is that solution which helps to makeover the beauty of skin by removing every unwanted hair from the skin. Be hare and read full review about this epilator.

Braun Face Epilator 830- Small Introduction

Braun Face Epilator 830- Small Introduction

It is a best facial epilator that was invented by the reputed braun face epilator 830 Company that makes it so impressive in their features. This facial epilator comes with the cleaning brush that works to removes smallest hair from the skin.

Not only this, it also works to enhance the health of skin by cleaning of skin pores deeply. When it gently cleans the skin then your natural beauty is become tends to rise and you will grab attractive facial looks.

It is quite better for daily usage and it is also tested on the sensitive skin too so this fact makes this epilator as like an all rounder. There is no doubt remaining that this epilator will amazingly enhance the whole facial looks and gives best off results.

Pros of Braun Face Epilator 830

These are the following pros of this epilator: –

  • It gives gentle and subtle facial epilation.
  • It removes thinnest hair of the skin.
  • It can moves at both of the ways.
  • It has cap that makes it convenient to have it.
  • It removes all dirty particles of the skin.
  • It cleans all skin pores.
  • It is also suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It has a mirror which is really handy.
  • It has a cleaning brush that is quite useful.
  • It has a pouch which is handy too.

Cons of Braun Face Epilator 830

These are some cons of this epilator: –

  • It has a brush which may become create little harsh to the very sensitive skin.
  • You have to sanitize the head of epilator.
  • It is little expansive.

These are some little cons of this epilator but this is not so big drawback for this braun face epilator 830. It can be avoidable.

Braun face epilator 830

Is This Braun Face Epilator 830 is Safe for Use?

Definitely yes! This is so powerful and easy way to grabbing a hair free skin. The main fact of this epilator is this was tested by the best off dermatologist and this fact makes this epilator very special and safe for use.

Final words

There is no doubt that this is so highly effective tool that can actually makes our personality impressive by removing of smallest hair from the skin and cleansing of every pores of the skin. It works with special care and doesn’t give any bad outcomes to its user.

It is almost good for everyone but not good for those people who have very sensitive skin. It become little itchy but still this is one of the best braun face epilator 830 in the market.

Just go for this, if you want to get best facial appearance in smaller period of time.

Best Philips Epilator for Underarms: – Best Epilators for Underarms

Best Philips ephilator for underarms:- Underarms or we can say armpit is also a main part of our body so as we said that it is a special part of our body so because of this we have to give special care to this organ.

We all know that when summer season appear than sweating is most common issue with most of the people and mainly it happen at the armpit area and due to having hair at that organ, sweating leads to produce bacteria which is not good for health.

This situation works to give more sweating and bad smell. Therefore, we have to keep our armpit free from the hair. Hair free underarms will works to reduce bad smell and give chance to show off your armpit by wearing shorts.

Today, we are going to give you top suggestions regarding the best Philips epilator for underarms. Stay here!

Best Philips Epilator for Underarms

Best Philips Epilator for Underarms

These are top 5 Philips epilators for underarms: –

  • Philips HP6576

This is a top most epilator which is very good for removing of most of the hair in one time. This epilator will give noticeable looks to your armpit because its working slandered is quite appreciable. It will remain charged for up to 40 minutes that is too much for removing of hair at a time. It has 32 ceramic disc tweezers in every unit which is quite enough for delivering best service. This epilator comes with the 2 years of warranty and this fact makes it long lasting.

  • Philips Satinelle HP6401

This is most affordable epilator choice if you want to remove unwanted hair effectively. This epilator has the abilities to remove hair not only from the armpit but can also remove hair from every parts of the whole body. It was made with the special techniques which makes it quite powerful and longer lasting. It can even remove 0.5 mm sized hair from the skin which is very appreciable. It gives smooth skin texture for several weeks and it save your skin from painful wax process.

  • Philips BRE210/00 Setinelle Epilator

This is also a better option to get the hair-free skin for several weeks. This is a wet/dry the best Philips ephilator for underarms that promise to remove the smallest hair from the skin. It can remove even 0.5 mm sized hair from its root and give attractive armpit looks. The best Philips ephilator for underarms works without pain and gives very best results to every user. As it is quite reputed and best product that’s why company gives 2 years warranty for this epilator.

  • Philips BRE200/00 Corded Epilator

This is finest way to remove unwanted hair from the armpit area. This is so advanced best Philips ephilator for underarms that promise to remove almost 4X short hair in comparison of wax from the body. Its working standard is very good and it can give armpit which is free from almost 4 weeks. This product comes with the 2 years of warranty which is very good and money worth.

  • Philips BRE201/00 Setinelle Corded Epilator

Best Philips Epilator for Underarms

This is also an affordable choice for an the best Philips ephilator for underarms and no doubt that this epilator will give you full support for removing for smallest hair from the underarms. This epilator claims that it can remove even the 0.5mm length hair from the underarms and it becomes hair free for at least 4 weeks. It comes with the superior looks which are quite handy and easily remove all hair from armpit. It is also designed to treat the delicate area so because of this it doesn’t give any harsh to skin and the most important thing that it comes with the 2 years of warranty which makes this device longer lasting.


These are top 5 Philips Company’s the best Philips ephilator for underarms that works to easily remove the thinnest hair from the armpit as it is highly tested and produced by a reputed company so it assure better results and no doubt that these epilators are longer lasting in their life because company are offering 2 years warranty with everyone of epilator. Therefore, go for anyone of epilator which is suitable for your requirements.

Best Epilators in India 2018: – Best Solution for Removing of Hair

Best epilators in india 2018:- Epilator is a best and very easy solution for removing of hair from the skin and it is in trend from last 80s because it is like a perfect alternative of wax and the main feature of the epilators is that it works to remove hair without pain.

At this time, there are many kinds of epilators available in the market which is so different from others and also comes with the different technologies. But all these epilators dedicated to best removal of every unwanted hair.

For choosing the right one epilator, you have to notice these points because these points can really help to find best off epilator. When you are buying any epilator then you have to keep these points in mind.

best epilators in india 2018

Tips to Buy Best Epilators in India 2018

These are some main tips to buy best quality epilators: –

  • Types

Some of epilators comes with the multiple tweezers, spiral wire and some rotating risk. All the best epilators in india 2018 have own specialty so you can choose final choice according to your needs.

  • Dry and Wet Epilator

If an epilator comes in dry and wet categories than it means that you can use epilator even when you are taking shower. This epilator is usually found useful.

  • Corded and Cordless

Some of epilators are corded and some are cordless. We recommend that you should buy cordless epilator because you can take it at anywhere you want.

  • Other Reasons

Apart from all these 3 reasons, there are some of reason still available that can help you to find best epilators in india 2018 and that are cost, motor speed, warranty, attachments, in built-light and some else.

You can decide the final choice for epilator by analyzing these reasons. In addition, we are going to tell you some suggestion regarding the best epilators.

Best Epilators to Buy: –

  • Philips Setinelle HP6421

This epilator comes with the latest technologies which makes it higher selling product in India. This epilator has two speed modes and it is quite handy and easy to control. You can easy manage it and for the best and longer service you can also wash the head of epilator and this device comes with the 2 years of warranty that makes it so longer performer. This is a corded epilator so you can use it at only in dry condition.

  • Braun Silk Epil 7

It is one of the most efficient epilator in the category because it has a most amazingly list of features. This epilator has 40 tweezers and you can use it even when you are taking shower. As it is a cordless device that’s why you can easily take it anywhere there you want. Manufacturer of this epilator comes with a reputed company which called Braun. This epilator has 2 years of warranty which makes it longer lasting in the performance.

  • Philips BRE200/00 Setinelle Epilator

best epilators in india 2018

This is also a best one epilator for better action at the skin. This epilator has abilities to remove almost thinnest hair of skin which has length of 0.5 mm. but as this device is corded so you use it at only in dry mode but you can wash its head for keeping it hygiene. Apart from these characteristics, this epilator comes with a cap that supports to remove hair even at the super sensitive area like bikini. This is one of a popular product from Philips Company.

  • Braun Silk Epil 5

This is a most popular device that comes from Braun Company. This epilator has 28 tweezers and you can use it any mode whether that is wet or dry. It comes with the 4 attachments like a massage head, a shaver head, a skin contact head and a trimmer head. It take 1 hour to charge and it become active for at least 30 minutes and it also has 2 years of warranty.


All these epilator are very best epilators in india 2018 that can actually works to remove every unwanted hair from body and all of these are longer lasting in their nature. So, just get it for better results.

Best Epilator Philips or Braun: – Top Rated Epilator from Best Company

Best epilator philips or braun:- Unwanted hair is not prefer by anyone and especially from ladies because unwanted hair leads to reduce the beauty of our body and looks really annoying. Mostly these hairs grow on our legs, hand face and other parts of the body which is not liked at most of the time.

Apply laser therapy or wax is the painful and expansive formula for removing for hair from the body parts. But you can use epilator in the place of these things, because epilator is so easily solution to get freedom from the unwanted hair.

In regarding of the best epilator for removing of hair, we are going to share our suggestions that are so useful to choose the final epilator. All these epilators belong to the best epilator philips or braun Company.

best epilator philips or braun

Ideas of Best Epilator Philips or Braun

We are listing here top rated suggestions regarding the best epilator philips or braun which was made by Philips and Braun Company: –

  • Philips HP6401

This epilator is a perfect example of classic and powerful epilator. This epilator is quite impressive in their features. It has ability to easily remove of thinnest hair from the body and gives you freedom from hair for almost 4 weeks. It has 21 tweezers that ensures for better results every time.

Pros of Philips HP6401: –

  • This epilator has two speeds.
  • It device is corded.
  • This epilator has efficiency cap.
  • It is washable at the epilation head.
  • It can remove smallest hair.
  • Braun Silk Epil 3270

This is quite popular and effective way to gain the body looks which is free from the hair. It is affordable and very useful at every time.

Pros of Braun Silk Epil 3270

  • It contains massage rollers attachment.
  • It has 20 tweezers.
  • This device is built in light.
  • This is 2 speeds device.
  • It has trimmer cap and shaver head.
  • This epilator is corded.
  • Braun Silk Epil 5280

This is a powerful epilator for the body because this epilator is quite advanced from other epilator and the main reason behind this truth is it comes with the unique features which are higher than other epilators.

best epilator philips or braun

Pros of Braun Silk Epil 5280

  • This device has 40 tweezers.
  • It also has massage roller attachment.
  • It comes with the two speeds features.
  • This epilator is corded.
  • It doesn’t cut hair but it pulls them from roots.
  • It has built in light feature
  • Philips HP6576 Satin Deluxe Epilator

This is also a most impressive epilator device from the Philips Company. This epilator is very handy and quite rich in their features. It can easily remove almost every hair of body and give smooth skin for 4 weeks.

Pros of Philips HP6576 Satin Deluxe Epilator: –

  • This epilator has 2 speeds.
  • This device has built in opti-light feature.
  • It comes with 4 attachments.
  • It can become stay on for 40 minutes.
  • It gives smooth skin appearance.
  • It has many tweezers
  • Broun Silk Epil 7

This is a wet/dry the best epilator philips or braun that support to get freedom from the unwanted hair for almost 4 weeks. This epilator is so powerful in their nature and because of this it become useful for men too. It removes all unwanted hair from roots and gives attractive looks to the skin.

Pros of Broun Silk Epil 7: –

  • It has pivoting head.
  • It has built in light option.
  • It has two speeds feature.
  • It has trimmer cap and shaving head.
  • It has facial cap.


We have listed here brief introduction and features of epilator that was made by Philips and Braun Company. All these epilators are very responsive and attractive in features and give best ever results to the appearance of skin. All these epilators can remove the smallest hair of body and give hair-free skin for almost 4 weeks. Try one of these, because these are best off solution to get hair-free skin.