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Best Epilator in India with Price: – Get Best Epilators at Best Price

Best epilator in india with price:- If we want to remove our unwanted hair then we usually choose wax, shave and laser treatment but the fact is this that these treatments are very painful and expensive too which is not suitable for most of the people.

But there is also one option still remain that can work for removing of unwanted hair from the body and can give a clearer and smooth skin tone. Yes, we are talking about the best epilator in india with price.

Epilator is a combat electronic device that works to easily remove smallest hair from the body and because epilator comes in an affordable price range therefore it become a best choice for removing of hair.

Today, we are going to talk about epilator that is available in India and we also list here there price range. So, be here and get full information.

Best epilator in india with price

List of Best Epilator in India with Price

This is a list of best epilator in India: –

  • Philips BRE200/00 Setinelle Epilator

This is one of the highest selling epilator in India and the reason behind best selling of this epilator is it comes with lots of features in affordable price. It comes with many tweezers that allow removing the smallest hair from the body and giving better results. It easily removes every hair and gives freedom from hair for at least 3 weeks. This Philips epilator is available in Rs. 2300.

  • Braun Silk Epil 9-961 E Epilator

This is a branded epilator that gives best ever experience of the best epilator in india with price. This epilator claims that it can remove smallest hair from body in just one stroke. This is a cordless device that’s why you can use it while taking shower. This epilators comes with 6 extras like one shaver head, one trimmer cap, an exfoliation brush head, a massage cap, a facial cap and one contact cap. These entire things make this epilator very best in nature. So, if you have bigger budget then you can consider this epilator. This epilator is available at Rs. 5500.

  • Philips BRE201 Epilator

This is also a best epilator for those people who want to get a best source for removing of hair without any pain. This epilator was invented by a reputed company which ensure that this is one of best gadget that become proven best for the longer period of time. This epilator has feature that it can remove thinnest hair from the body even that 0.5 mm. it can do those things that wax cannot do. It is so handy and can give freedom from unwanted hair for almost 4 weeks. Philips is also offering 2 years of warranty with this product. This epilator is available on the online market with the price tag of Rs. 3000.

  • Braun SE-851 Epilator

This is also a most preferred useful  the best epilator in india with price that gives noticeable results. This epilator is comes with the higher price tag worth Rs. 5500 but it is still most efficient solution to get freedom from unwanted hair. This is a compact and sleek designed epilator that comes with 10-micro-Openings catch feature and because of this it can remove 0.2 mm length hair from its root. Therefore, it is a best solution for getting a skin that is free from unwanted hair. It includes 4 different brushes that covers all skin needs and gives a better appearance of face for 4 weeks. This epilator also comes with the 2 years of warranty.

Best epilator in india with price

  • Philips HP6421 Epilator

This is also a good choice for those people who want to get an epilator at reasonable price. This epilator comes with 2 speed options that give maximum results. This epilator has ergonomic grip that gives comfort while handing this epilator and it can actually remove those hair which has 0.5 mm length. So, this thing makes it special. This epilator has price of Rs. 2400 in online market.


These epilators are quite affordable and very good in their performance. You can choose one of these epilators without thinking too much because these epilators comes with 2 years of warranty which is quite enough for its value.


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