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Best Epilators in India 2018: – Best Solution for Removing of Hair

Best epilators in india 2018:- Epilator is a best and very easy solution for removing of hair from the skin and it is in trend from last 80s because it is like a perfect alternative of wax and the main feature of the epilators is that it works to remove hair without pain.

At this time, there are many kinds of epilators available in the market which is so different from others and also comes with the different technologies. But all these epilators dedicated to best removal of every unwanted hair.

For choosing the right one epilator, you have to notice these points because these points can really help to find best off epilator. When you are buying any epilator then you have to keep these points in mind.

best epilators in india 2018

Tips to Buy Best Epilators in India 2018

These are some main tips to buy best quality epilators: –

  • Types

Some of epilators comes with the multiple tweezers, spiral wire and some rotating risk. All the best epilators in india 2018 have own specialty so you can choose final choice according to your needs.

  • Dry and Wet Epilator

If an epilator comes in dry and wet categories than it means that you can use epilator even when you are taking shower. This epilator is usually found useful.

  • Corded and Cordless

Some of epilators are corded and some are cordless. We recommend that you should buy cordless epilator because you can take it at anywhere you want.

  • Other Reasons

Apart from all these 3 reasons, there are some of reason still available that can help you to find best epilators in india 2018 and that are cost, motor speed, warranty, attachments, in built-light and some else.

You can decide the final choice for epilator by analyzing these reasons. In addition, we are going to tell you some suggestion regarding the best epilators.

Best Epilators to Buy: –

  • Philips Setinelle HP6421

This epilator comes with the latest technologies which makes it higher selling product in India. This epilator has two speed modes and it is quite handy and easy to control. You can easy manage it and for the best and longer service you can also wash the head of epilator and this device comes with the 2 years of warranty that makes it so longer performer. This is a corded epilator so you can use it at only in dry condition.

  • Braun Silk Epil 7

It is one of the most efficient epilator in the category because it has a most amazingly list of features. This epilator has 40 tweezers and you can use it even when you are taking shower. As it is a cordless device that’s why you can easily take it anywhere there you want. Manufacturer of this epilator comes with a reputed company which called Braun. This epilator has 2 years of warranty which makes it longer lasting in the performance.

  • Philips BRE200/00 Setinelle Epilator

best epilators in india 2018

This is also a best one epilator for better action at the skin. This epilator has abilities to remove almost thinnest hair of skin which has length of 0.5 mm. but as this device is corded so you use it at only in dry mode but you can wash its head for keeping it hygiene. Apart from these characteristics, this epilator comes with a cap that supports to remove hair even at the super sensitive area like bikini. This is one of a popular product from Philips Company.

  • Braun Silk Epil 5

This is a most popular device that comes from Braun Company. This epilator has 28 tweezers and you can use it any mode whether that is wet or dry. It comes with the 4 attachments like a massage head, a shaver head, a skin contact head and a trimmer head. It take 1 hour to charge and it become active for at least 30 minutes and it also has 2 years of warranty.


All these epilator are very best epilators in india 2018 that can actually works to remove every unwanted hair from body and all of these are longer lasting in their nature. So, just get it for better results.


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